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The Kids In Trance Program!
"Pioneering a New Level of Enlightened Parenting!"

Testimonials (excerpts)

Customer 1"Thank you very much for an amazing program!  It was very easy to apply and both of my children are truly enjoying it.  We began reading the hypnosis scripts to our children immediately.  I've successfully used the program to improve their grades in school and to build their confidence levels when dealing with school friends."

-Mary Peters Hall - Clearwater, Florida


"The Kids in Trance Program has far exceeded my expectations.  It is one of the best investments I've made in my child's future and well-being.  It was especially helpful with helping him stop biting his nails.  Thank you very much."

- Christine Sears - Voorhees, NJ


"If you can afford to buy your child a cell-phone or i-Pod then you must purchase the Kids in Trance Program.  My daughter was suffering with severe food allergies, and my wife and I used the program to see if it would help her.  Well, it did better than that.  The allergies actually disappeared.  It's been two tears and the allergies have not returned.  We know of no way to thank you, except to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  This was one of the best investments we've ever made for our child."

- Phillip Grostre - Bowie, MD


Customer 3"I did not truly understand the amazing benefits hypnosis could have on our children.  We have three children between the ages of 7 and 13.  The hypnosis helped our oldest overcome anxiety before taking her exams and improved her grades.  We also used the program to help our two youngest boys eat healthier.  It work wonders and I'm truly pleased.  Thank you! "

- Marcia Creighton - Philadelphia, PA


"Our pediatrician recommended the Kids in Trance program to help our son drop some weight, and we found it to be very helpful.  We used the hypnosis CD in the program for weight loss and our son dropped 35 LBS, exactly what our pediatrician was hoping would happen."

- Joanne Lasemer - Wilmington, DE


"Just a quick note to say we are very pleased with the Kids in Trance program.  Our main issue was to help our 5 year old eliminate her nightmares.  She had several a week.  After only two days with the program the nightmares have not returned and she is sleeping all thru the night.  Thank you very much for a wonderful and insightful program."

- Lisa Fulton - Boston, Mass


Customer 5"My husband and I love reading the hypnosis scripts to our son, and he enjoys listening to them.  Our son was dealing with panic attacks, yet the program has helped us to get the attacks under control.  We are very pleased with the results and have been promoting the program to other friends.  There's nothing more important to us than keeping our son healthy."

- Gregory Filson - Fort Myers, Florida


"My husband and I were amazed at how quickly we were able to help our child learn to relax with the Kids in Trance program.  He is nine years old and was dealing with a lot of hyper-activity especially in school.  We started to notice results in a couple of weeks and so did his teachers.  We are very happy with your program, it was worth every penny.  Thanks!"

- Gina Desilvas - Orlando, Florida

"I saw some of your videos on YouTube and they were very interesting.  I purchased the program to help my daughter improve her grades and it worked.  Her teachers tell me that her concentration in class has improved and she finishes her homework much earlier and more accurately than before."

- Lisa Phelps - Staten Island, NY


"Thanks for a great program!  We used it to help our twins sleep better.  We had terrific results and have also been using it for stress management."

- John Garvinson - Houston, Texas


Customer 2"Our 6 year old started to bite his nails so we used the hypnosis script in the program dealing with behavior modification and read it to him; and in about a week he stopped the nail biting completely.  We are very satisfied with your program and hope many people find the benefits that we did."

- Ms. Tonie Vector - Media, PA


"Hi Mr. Jacobsen!  I am a single mother raising a seven year old boy who was still wetting the bed.  Not only was it a problem, but it was very embarrassing for him.  I used the "Sleeping Trance Strategy" you teach in the program and in about five days he stopped wetting the bed.  I was so amazed and am very grateful for your program.  I plan to put it to use many more times.  Please feel free to use my testimonial and thank you again."

- Lisa Sowers - Cranford, NJ



Customer 2"My husband & I are had recently gone through a divorce and it caused a lot of anxiety for our seven year old son.  Our therapist recommended your program to us, and it turned out to be a real treasure.  The stress management benefits my son received were priceless, and I also feel that it has helped to heal our relationship and draw us a little bit closer.  Thank you for your support and a great program."

- Mary Anne Pizzonia - Long Island, NY



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