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The Kids In Trance Program!
"Pioneering a New Level of Enlightened Parenting!"

You Can Help Your Child, Too!


Teen MeditationYour kids already possess the vivid imaginations required for effective trance states.  As a parent you can easily train them with this program. When they combine relaxation with their imagination, they will have an invaluable tool that never tarnishes or wears out.

This is why Kids in Trance is such a powerful and necessary program. Not only can you easily hypnotize your own children, but the kids love the experience.


"I have three children and the Kids in Trance program has been a powerful tool for our family.  I began using the strategies as soon as I received the program.  I helped my youngest eliminate nightmares.  I helped my middle child improve his confidence while playing soft-ball, and I helped my oldest improve a damaged self-esteem.  This program has been a priceless investment for our family.  I recommend it to everyone who has children and teenagers."

- Ms. Melissa Ratchom - New York, New York


This Program is Simple!


Hypnosis or the trance state works so well with children and teens because they are more focused, inquisitive, and very open to the power of suggestion. In other words they are more susceptible to the power of suggestion than adults, therefore it works faster.


Kids in Trance is so simple because our kids have a natural drive to discover. They also get excited with new experiences.  Kids already have an ability to change and be versatile.  Our kids usually accept new ideas without question, especially before the age of 12. 


Self Confidence - Your Child's Key to Successful Adulthood


Kids in Trance is also a powerful tool for strengthening your child's/teen's self-confidence.  Would you like to help your child to feel empowered if they’ve ever been a victim?  Would you like stimulate their creativity and willingness to use their natural gifts or talents? The Kids in Trance program will deliver a wonderful foundation towards your child’s education, sense of self-worth and happiness.


"Our therapist recommended the Kids in Trance program as a tool to help our 13 year old learn to relax.  At one time he was very hyper-active and it seemed that medication was in his future.  We purchased the program and began reading the relaxation scripts in the program to him.  My wife and I noticed results in less than a week.  We are very pleased with the outcome.  It delivered exactly the way our therapist told us it would."  We were also very pleased with the ease of the program.  Thank you very much."

- Mr. Bill Seter - Wayne, NJ


No Skills Required!


Kids with headphonesAs a parent you need no special skills to help your child benefit from this program.  You simply read one of the specialized “trance-scripts” to them while they close their eyes, relax and listen. They're always open to new learning and new ideas.  As parents our job is to simply present the information in a fun, understandable way.


"If you can afford to buy your child a cell-phone or Ipod then you must purchase the Kids in Trance Program.  My daughter was suffering with severe food allergies, and my wife and I used the program to see if it would help her.  Well, it did better than that.  The allergies actually disappeared.  It's been two years and the allergies have not returned.  We know of no way to thank you, except to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  This was one of the best investments we've ever made for our child."

- Phillip Grostre - Bowie, MD


Check This Out!


Wasted MoneyAccording to a recent study by the National Retail Federation, the average American family will spend $606 on clothes, shoes, supplies and electronics for children in grades K-12. Total back-to-school spending for 2012 is expected to reach $21.35 billion nationally, and when you add college, that figure skyrockets to $55.12 billion.


The average parent spends about $400 on Nintendo Wiis, $200 for i-Pod Nanos, $1000 for a computer and a "princess" birthday party can cost up to $10,000. Then there are those dreaded cell phone bills and even credit cards for kids. But when does it get to be too much?  Won't these toys be broken or lost in less than a year?  Are any of these toys going to truly improve the quality of your child's life?  Are they going to make a difference in the type of person your child becomes?  I truly doubt it. 


Perhaps it's time to invest in something special.  Perhaps it's time to give your child or teen a gift that will never tarnish or get lost, and will only get better with age.  Now is the time to invest in "The Kids in Trance Program."


Here's What You'll Receive and What's Covered


1.  The Kids in Trance at Home Study Book:


KIT CoverThis is a 3 ring binder transcript covering all of the information and strategies for applying this program to your child's/teen's needs.  It contains 4 amazing trance scripts and the most requested problem solving scripts including:


1. Improving Your Child's Memory & Concentration!


2. Helping Your Child for Improved Sleep!


3. Eliminating Your Child's Stress & Anxiety!


4. Enhancing Your Child's Confidence & Self-Esteem!


5. Improving Your Child's Health!


6. Helping Your Child with Weight Control!


7. Helping Your Child Stop or Avoid Smoking!


8. Helping Your Child Deal with Peer Pressure! 


9. Bully Proof Vest! 


The Kids in Trance Book contains the following helpful, convenient chapters:


Chapter 1 – New Terminology


Chapter 2 – Let’s Get Started


Chapter 3 – Your Child’s Self-Esteem


Chapter 4 – Your Child’s Self Confidence


Chapter 5 – Keeping Your Kids Positive


Chapter 6 – How to Read the Scripts


Chapter 7 - The Child Script (Ages 4-8)


Chapter 8 - The Pre-Teen Script (Ages 9-12)


Chapter 9 - The Teen Script (Ages 13-16)


Chapter 10 – Programming Affirmations


Chapter 11 – Television Trance


Chapter 12 – Sleep Programming


Chapter 13 – Survival Mode Programming


Chapter 14 – A Final Thought


2.  Six Live Audio CDs:


The valuable information contained on these live CDs is priceless!  These CDs contain the information from which the book was transcribed, however they go into more detail for incorporating the information into daily use for your kids.  The idea is to make the information a "life habit."


The strategies and techniques are described in more detail with more thought-provoking examples:


Imagine programming your child for problem solving while they sleep!


CD'sImagine capitalizing on the trance they enter while watching TV or texting!


Imagine correcting habits that have plagued them for years!


Imagine them avoiding nicotine, alcohol, and toxic substances!


Imagine them excelling in school or sports!


Imagine them rising above and resisting peer pressure!


Imagine never feeling helpless when your child needs you most!


"The Kids in Trance Program helped my teenage daughter deal with some upsetting difficulties as she entered freshman year in high school.  I used the "Sleep Programming Strategy" and it worked like a charm.  However, the program has also brought me a blessing.  It has helped me to feel more empowered to help my daughter, when in the past I would feel lost and not know how to help her.  Thank you for a great program!"

- Ms. Jean D'angelo - Lincoln, Nebraska


Order Today and I’ll cut $100 from the price of the

Kids In Trance Program that normally retails for $197 (plus S/H).


A Quick Recap Of What You’re Getting for Only $97:


• I will receive 6 Kids in Trance Training & Informational Audio CDs!

• I will receive the Kids in Trance at Home Study Book!

• I will receive a $100 discount off the retail price of $197!

• I will receive a 30-day money back guarantee!

• I will receive a lifetime guarantee on the CDs should they ever wear or damage!

• I will receive same-day shipping!


An Added Bonus For Parents Only!


 Order Today and I'll Include 3 Extra Bonus CD Tracks Using Adult Hypnotherapy for:

  • Weight Loss!

  • Stop Smoking!

  • Self Confidence!

This is a $75 VALUE Yours FREE for Ordering Today!


Only $97.00 Complete


Happy Child"I received a special benefit from this program that I did not expect.  I’ve noticed utilizing this program with my kids has also created a special bond between us.  We all feel more connected and close.  Our at-home trance sessions have become a wonderful tool to help us relate and communicate better, and that makes all the difference to me."

- John Eric Jacobsen - Author of Kids in Trance  - Marlton, NJ


Thank you very much for reading about our program.  We wish you and your family health, success, and happiness!


Kids in Trance is brought to you by Jacobsen Business Seminars, Inc.

Kids in Trance is Copyright & by Jacobsen Business Seminars, Inc. 2012

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