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The Kids In Trance Program!
"Pioneering a New Level of Enlightened Parenting!"

John Eric Jacobsen was born to teach and destined to be a motivator.  He has been a practicing hypnotherapist and motivational coach for almost 30 years.


John’s experience and innate desire to change lives is what sets him apart. With a diverse background in communications, business, sales, theatrical arts, dance and acting; John has the unique ability to not only be a great mentor and teacher, but also a great entertainer.  He has trained and worked with over a million people and has performed or taught all over America on stage and on TV. 


When he is not teaching or training, John finds time to run a private practice for individual hypnosis therapies working out of local hospitals and wellness centers.  John can treat almost any issue relating to behavior modification including: weight loss, smoking cessation, pain control, self- esteem, self-confidence, and self-image and goal achievement along with a host of others.


John has also authored the national seller, “Conversations on Customer Service & Sales.”   This is an amazing work designed to help businesses improve their sales and enhance consumer relations.  John is proud to have the great Brian Tracy as a co-author.


Some of John’s corporate clients Include: United States Army, United States Marines, United States Department of Chemical Defense, United Defense, Pepsi Cola, Alcon Surgical Laboratories, Subaru of America, Comcast, Corning Inc., AT&T, Federal Home Loan Bank, GPU Energy, West Virginia University and Norwest Mortgage. 


In 1985 John founded “Jacobsen Programs, Inc.” (JacobsenPrograms.com), a seminar company helping people to succeed both personally and professionally. 


John is also the co-founder of “10 To Teen Acting Academy.”  (10toteen.com)  This Company is dedicated to building the self-confidence and self-esteem in teens and pre-teens by discovering the joys of acting & performing. With his lead by example credo and disciplined outlook he has been able to influence and make positive changes for teens and their families alike.


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