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The Kids In Trance Program!
"Pioneering a New Level of Enlightened Parenting!"

Start Helping Your Child Today!

Child MeditationWe would like you to check out an amazing FREE VIDEO demonstrating how to use the Kids in Trance Program with your children today! Thousands of parents have received benefits from this video & we know you'll love it!

Imagine Being Able to Help Your Child When They Need it Most.

Is it Possible?

Apparently, YES!  Simply check out our testimonial page-- and there's more where that came from.

The Kids in Trance Program is the only program of its kind that teaches parents how to use professional hypnotherapy, trance and auto-suggestion with their kids!  The program can help your child be healthier, safer, happier, & smarter!

8 Things A Good Parent Wants for Their Kids:


1.  You Want Your Child to Be Happy!


2.  You Want Your Child to Maintain Good Health!


3.  You Want Your Child to Feel Good About Themselves!


4.  You Want Your Child to Do Well in School!


5.  You Want Your Child to Avoid Danger, Drugs, and Alcohol!


6.  You Want Your Child to Develop Good Habits!


7.  You Want Your Child to Be Successful!


8.  You Want Your Child to Be Self-Sufficient!



Child with headphones"We ordered The Kids in Trance Program after our pediatrician told us it's one of the most powerful and effective programs available for developing your child's natural mental abilities for success.  He said it will effectively teach us how to use clinical hypnosis with our children at home for problem solving and behavioral issues.  It also trains parents to capitalize on the trance states that children enter all thru the day for problem solving."

- Jean Merlino - S.I., NY


It's Fun!  It's Easy! It's Effective! It's Necessary!


"I ordered the Kids in Trance Program last year to help my child improve her confidence levels.  She is now 11 years old and I have seen a significant positive change in her attitude and the way she carries herself.  I've even noticed that she walks taller.  This program has been a fantastic tool for my daughter and I thank you for it and for its simplicity."

- Jill DeSanno - Portland, Oregon


Parents have reported that the Kids In Trance Program has helped their children and teens with every issue imaginable.  Issues such as: nail-biting, bed-wetting, headaches, peer pressure, weight control, thumb-sucking, fear of dentists, sports performance, test-anxiety, teeth grinding, hair pulling, nightmares, fear of the dark, habit control, shyness, asthma, potty-training, and many others.  They key is to read one of the affirmation scripts to your child while their eyes are closed.  It's that easy!  The best part is there are NO side-effects.

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